Guo Changsheng (郭長生)


Guo Changsheng   (郭長生) 1896-1967

Presidential body guard, puglistic, Tong Bei and two- hand- saber (A.K.A Miao Dao) instructor.

Guo was aspired to improve the plight of China so he enlisted 1916, allocated position as body guard for governmental official, Cao Kun.

Later the same year Guo was accepted as student by the famous Tong Bei and Miao Dao master, Liu Yuchun in the puglistic and Miao Dao training camp.

In 1923, Cao Kun became the president, Guo thus was selected and worked as personal assistant and presidential body guard.

After the internal war 1924, Guo Changsheng became tiresome of war and requested to be discharged.

In 1928, Head of Nanjing Central Guoshu Institute, General Zhang Zhijiang asked Guo as instructor of both Miao Dao and Tong. Later in 1930 he work for the Department of Foreign Affair, position unclear.

After Japanese invasion, Guo remained relatively low in profile till his passing.

Guo died 1967 from esophgeal tract cancer.

苗刀二路-郭貴然 Miao Dao by Guo’s grand-daughter Guo Guilan


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