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Guo Changsheng (郭長生)

Guo Changsheng   (郭長生) 1896-1967 Presidential body guard, puglistic, Tong Bei and two- hand- saber (A.K.A Miao Dao) instructor. Guo was aspired to improve the plight of China so he enlisted 1916, allocated position as body guard for governmental official, Cao Kun. Later the same year Guo was accepted as student by the famous Tong Bei and […]

Master of Biangan (鞭杆), Wang Degong (王得功) passed away

Master Wang Degong (王得功)passed away 11/5/2013, RIP. Master Wang Degong (王得功), 1940- 2013 Below link is performance of Wang Jianzhong, Wang Degong’s son. His legacy continues.

R.I.P Master Ma Xianda (馬賢達)

Master Ma Xianda(馬賢達), passed away 17/6/2013, 3am. What a great loss for all of us…. Ma Xianda (馬賢達)1932 – 2013 The Muslim Master of the Old Empire