Ma Fengtu (馬鳳圖)


Ma Fengtu (馬鳳圖) 1888 – 1973

Older brother of Ma Yingtu (馬英圖) revolutionary, thinker, civil servants, Chinese medicine practitioner and one of  founder of Chinese warrior association (中華武士會) and Tongbei school (通備武學).

Ma Fengtu (馬鳳圖) was born in a martial art family. In 1909, he join Tongmonghui (同盟會), an underground revolutionary alliance pushing for democracy. The next year (1910) together with Ye Yunbiao (葉雲表) founded Chinese warrior association (中華武士會).

In 1924, he assists General Zhang Zhijiang (張之江)and Feng Yuxiang (馮玉祥)in preparing teaching material for infantry in Combative Research and Development unit (白刃戰術教程).

Between 1929 and 1935, he founded Gansu (甘肅) and Qinghai (青海)martial art institute.

After 1949, he retired from governmental duty, kept low profile and worked as Chinese medicine practitioner and martial art teacher. Passing away 1973.

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