Colonel Ma Yingtu (馬英圖上校)


Ma Yingtu 馬英圖1897-1955

Younger brother of Ma Fengtu (馬鳳圖), soldier,  pugelist, and military advisor. He was brought up in a martial art family and well train in different schools of martial arts under various famous masters such as Li Shuwen (李書文).

In 1920, he enlisted Xibei (西北軍) infantry under General Fung Yuxiang (馮玉祥), working as a combative advisor and instructor, ranking colonel.

He served galantly in 1923 Chinese civil war (第二次直奉戰爭).

In 1927, he became one of the head instructor of Nanjing Central Guoshu Institute (中央國術館) founded by General Zhang Zhijiang(張之江), specializing in puglistic, Pigua, Baji and various martial arts.

Again, he served during 1937 Japanese invasion.

After 1949, he retired and kept low profile till his death.


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