History of Tong Bei School (通備武學)


Ma Fengtu (馬鳳圖1888- 1973)

The term Tong Bei (通備) was firstly coined by Pan Wenxue (潘文學) , who established Yanshan Scholastic College (鹽山書院  1850-?)   which aims to cultivate student’s literacy and military skills.

After two generations, the legacy of the college was inherited by Ma Fengtu (馬鳳圖1888- 1973), who emphasis using pragmatic approach to develop students both physical and mental attribute through training.

Tong (通) literally means free flow and unobstructed. It implies one explores simple but versatile principles which can be applied in multidisciplinary area.

Bei (備) means be prepared. By this we aspire to achieve to the fullest extent, both physically and mentally, thus competent to face different facets of challenge in life.

The modern Tong Bei schools believes in martial arts perspectives where one is trained through complex physical and pugilistic movements, thus one’s brain function is stimulated and improved.

In short, Tong Bei school syllabus consists of  various traditional Chinese martial arts (TCMA), mainly Miao Dao two hands sabre (苗刀), Biangan whiping-staff (鞭杆),  Fengmogun crazy devil staff (瘋魔棍), Baji (八極), Fanzi (翻子拳), Pigua (劈挂拳) etc.


Fanziquan by Master Zhang Feipeng 張飛鵬


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